Monday, November 19, 2012

Three days before Thanksgiving,
and we are counting our blessings.

First things first.  Everyone’s fine.  Okey dokey.  Hunky dory.  No worries.  Move on, dot com.

OK.  Second things second.  My teenaged children, Carter and Julia, were in an accident today.  Someone turned out in front of them, crossing two lanes of traffic, and there they were – both my eggs in one little white 5-speed Volvo basket, cruising at 30 mph into the side of a Toyota SUV whatever-the-hell, because to be honest, although I later had the opportunity to stare at it for a good 40 minutes and can recall the color of it, I can’t recall the model.

Fifteen-year-old Julia is the one who called.  “Mom?”

“What’s wrong?”

And then, I just listened.  Um, maybe not, because if I’d been listening, I’d remember at least 20% of what she said, right?

So I suppose I just talked.  Um, right.  Maybe not.  I know I tried to sound calm.  I know I made a real effort to sound as if I knew what was going on.  I know I tried to project confidence.

But in hindsight, it’s possible I just vomited questions.  Seriously.  It's entirely possible I just spewed hot, sloppy, verbal projectiles à la Linda Blair.  “Are you OK?  What happened?  Where are you?  What happened?  Where’s your brother?  What happened?  Did you call the police?   What happened?  OK.  It’s OK to be scared.  I’m getting in the car right now.  Talk me in.”

And as I regurgitated questions, I snatched up a key, my license, some shoes, and went to find my children.

Remember.  They were fine. No harm, no blood, no air bags, no foul.

Still, I can’t help thinking of what “could have” been.  As the driver, 17-year-old Carter inevitably thinks about how the accident wouldn't have occurred if only they’d stayed an extra 30 seconds at school or if only they’d stopped to get gas or if only he'd gone to the gym to workout, and I, well, I can’t help thinking … just thinking.

But everyone’s fine.  Not exactly able to focus on tomorrow’s World History and AP Euro tests, but fine.  We’re just a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and we are already counting our blessings.

Of which, as we have been well-reminded Chez Wiles, we have plenty.

Sausage Scramble
In the aftermath of the accident, we had "brinner" -- breakfast for dinner -- which was quick, easy and comforting for all of us!

1/2 pound bulk breakfast sausage (we prefer Neese's)
1/2 small onion, finely chopped
6 eggs
2 tablespoons water
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
1 tablespoon minced fresh chives

In a large skillet over medium heat, brown sausage and onion until crumbly.  Meanwhile, whisk eggs together with water in a medium bowl, season with salt and pepper.  Drain excess fat from skillet, and then, pour beaten eggs on top of sausage mixture.  Reduce heat to low, and cook, stirring, until eggs are set.  Sprinkle with chives and serve with toast and grits.

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